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Spend a relaxed sunday afternoon with friends or family right at the beach!

Mouthwatering scents are drifting over the beach from an outdoor grill as you walk along a small romantic bay along the Caribbean sea. Live music is softly playing. And beautifully dressed people are having a good time. You have arrived at the new best thing in town: the Sunday picnic brunch at Restaurant El Pez in Tulum!

Think of Restaurant El Pez as a tranquil gemstone, a secluded beachside hotel and restaurant in the Maya Riviera, at Tulum Beach, Mexico. Sit at one of the garden picnic tables and enjoy the spectacular turquoise colors so typical for the Mexican Caribbean. Take a sip of your drink, a deep breath and marvel over finding such a place!
tulum el pez restaurant
The scent coming from the grill draws you closer to take a look and have a chat with the well known Argentinian chef Dante Ferrero, grill-master and chef at Restaurant Neuquén in Monterrey, Mexico. He came down to Restaurant El Pez for this unique event!

A beautiful Mexican chunk of ribeye is slowly being grilled to perfection. Chef Dante gives me a fresh piece of fat cut right off the side of the rib-eye. “The best part of the meat”, he ensures me. I frown a brow. “This is usually the part that most women throw away.” Indeed, a foodie you can certainly not call me. “Throw away? Absolutely no way! Taste it!”. I put it in my mouth and the taste surprises me. It is like butter with a delicious meaty flavour. It is very good!!
tulum el pez restaurant
A spear diver shows up at the food party offering his fresh catch. The fish is weighed right on the beach, bought for the party and cleaned, ready to marvel under the skilled hands of Chef Aquiles Chavez, who is considered one of the best chefs in Mexico. He has become famous in America through his two television shows on the cable channel Utilísima: El toque de Aquiles (The Touch of Aquiles) and Aquilísimo. Today he is cooking at Sunday Picnic Brunch at Restaurant El Pez with Dante Ferrero!

“Just taste a piece of this fish”, Chef Aquiles instructs me. A small packet of banana leafs filled with fish soaked in a delicious marinade, fresh herbs and vegetables, it is something you cannot say no to. It melts right on the tongue and you wonder how you have ever ended up at such a food fest!

Sitting at my table, enjoying all this great food, I watch kids playing in the shallow waters of the bay and French melodies drift over the garden and patch of beach. The clarinet, guitar and vocals by Jonas and Melchior from the band “Merci George” instills a sense of happiness and notion of the uniqueness of the place. The live music of the band is alternated by the DJ who plays a great mix of ambient music. I am distracted by yet another scent passing by on trays!
tulum el pez restaurant
Mexican chef Pedro Evia from restaurante Ku’uk in Mérida, prepares to serve his marvels on a tostada, a Mexican fried tortilla. I am intrigued by the black color of his fresh fish in octopus ink as well as the brilliant use of color in his tostada dishes. You will experience it at the Sunday Picnic Brunch at El Pez: let yourself be surprised by the ambiance, the food and even new beverage flavors.

“What is this stuff in the Bell Mason Jars?” I see a jar sit untouched on a tray on the table. I pick it up to take a sip. Beer! Wow, that is something different! It does not taste at all like the beers you’d get served in other bars and restaurants in Mexico. I go look for the brewmaster of this beer, John Nielsen, who has been brewing this artisan beer in Playa del Carmen from 2012. John tells me: “This is the next step up for Mexican beers, prepared with a lot of love and organic ingredients, we deliver a real beer experience with an Indian Pale Ale, a Vienna lager and as of next year also a Weissen beer."
tulum el pez restaurant
Meanwhile, the meat of Chef Dante is ready. People are so eagerly waiting to try a piece of this deliciously smelling meat, Chef Dante has to close his eyes to serve his meat fairly amongst the picnic brunch guests. I smile over so many people enjoying this food experience as I walk past a deliciously looking desert table filled with desserts disguised as little hamburgers. Again, a surprising taste of sweet and salty, these macaroon deserts are a treat for the eye and the sweet-tooth tasting buds. The desert table is presented by well known pastry chefs Jesús Escalera and Fernanda Covarrubias from Restaurante La Postreria in Guadalajara.

As Chef Aquiles ensures me: “This is the place and time to come to Restaurant El Pez for people who love a good mix of food, music and who are looking for a genuine experience to enjoy”.

Our advice?

Don’t let this experience pass by! Come to El Pez in Tulum on a sunday and enjoy it all!

Sunday Picnic Brunch at Restaurant El Pez, Zona Hotelera Tulum
Every sunday from 10.00 to 16.00
Free entrance.